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In order to be a number member, one of these conditions is required:

  • have a official noble title of the Kingdom of Spain 

  • prove the nobility of the family at least in the paternal surname

  • be a knight or member of the noble orders or corporations recognized by our statutes and organic regulations

  • to preserve the dignity of personal nobility recognized by our statutes

If any of these conditions are met, an application can be requested. After it has been filled out and sent by the applicant, the Board of the Corps ("Junta de Gobierno") will study the application and, if approved, invite the applicant to pay the entrance fee before being admitted to the Corps.

Holders of official titles of nobility of the Kingdom of Spain have direct income in our Corps, other applicants for membership must also pass a so-called "probationary period" (lasting approximately one year), which guarantees that their personal behavior corresponds to the dignity of their nobility.

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